Blue Moon Brewing Company Summer Honey Wheat 6 pack

Blue Moon Brewing Company Summer Honey Wheat 6 pack

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Appearance: As golden as the summer sun with a white, creamy head. May have a slight amount of haze from the wheat. Aroma: Take in that rich clover honey aroma. It blends well with the light, biscuity malt notes. Taste: Slightly sweet clover honey taste with a hint of citrus. Very light biscuity malt taste with a low hop bitterness to provide balance. Mouthfeel A light-bodied ale with a medium level of carbonation to balance the taste of wheat and honey. Finish: A light, sweet honey finish with subtle citrus notes to heighten the refreshing character of this ale. Pairings: The subtle flavors of clover honey and orange peel pair well with grilled summer fare such as marinated chicken or pork with honey mustard sauce.
Category White Beer
Region United States, Colorado
Brand Blue Moon Brewing Company
Alcohol/vol 5.2%